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Mighty Magnet


We can give you a 5 paragraph description but we think these few words might do...


And is that's not enough, here are some more details...
The "Mighty Magnet" is a multi purpose accessory mount, but first and foremost, its a magnetic mount just like the ones you find basically everywhere except it is actually strong, really, really strong... the magnet is strong enough for you to take even the most rugged roads without fear of your device bouncing off onto the floor. The Mighty Magnet 2.5" diameter and is recommended for devices up to a 7" dia. screen size. For larger devices such as medium to large tablets we recommend using the Mega Mighty Magnet.

This magnet comes standard with a 1" ball mount behind it but the ball is removable, revealing a 1/4-20 stud that will fit many other accessories that use the same standard.

Included items:

"Mighty Magnet Only"

1 x Mighty Magnet
1 x 1" ball base for back of magnet
2 x Rectangular Metal Plates
2 x Round Metal Plates

"MM Mounting Kit"

1 x Mighty Magnet
1 x 1" Ball base for back of magnet
1 x Mach 125 Arm
1 x 1" Ball mount for DMM and DSM
2 x Rectangular Metal Plates
2 x Small Rectangular Metal Plates


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