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2nd Gen Tacoma Dashtop Multi Mount (2GDMM)

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This DMM is designed to fit on 2005 - 2015 Tacomas on stock radio bezels, aftermarket bezels might work but might require additional modifications.

Tacomas 2005-2011 have silver bezels so we recommend using the gray 2GDMM but both versions are mechanically the same .

2012-2015 have black stock radio bezels so we recommend using the black version but both are compatible.

The DMM is available in 3 Kits or you can buy mounting kits separately. The items in the kits are described in more detail here...

Slim Grip Holder
Magnetic Holder

Installation is the same as the 3rd Gen DMM and can be found HERE, the only difference will be that the 2nd Gen only uses 3 bottom plates and you must position the DMMs top plate before removing the radio bezel.