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Front and Back Camera Anytime Controller, Plug and Play for Toyota Vehicles



RFCC for Toyota 2 CY17-19 / Entune 3.0 / Link front camera installation is a revolutionary solution that combines 3 devices: a front view camera adapter (it allows you to connect a front view camera in your car), a rear view camera adapter (it also allows you to connect a rear view camera, if it was not installed by the manufacturer) and a front camera switch (it allows you to use OEM steering wheel buttons as car camera control buttons). The system offers fast and easy Plug&Play connection without the need to cut car wiring. All OEM functions continue working as they did before installation and there's no risk of voiding car warranty. We have also added the firmware update feature in this version that allows adding or fixing the functionality. The device settings can be changed using DIP switches.

RFCC system provides 2 camera control modes:

  • Automatic mode: front view camera image will be displayed on the screen automatically for 20/40 seconds when you switch from reverse to the first gear (or Drive) or until the car reaches a speed above 20 km/h.
  • Manual mode: front and rear view camera image can be switched to at any moment using "MODE", "SEEK+", "SEEK-" buttons on the steering wheel.

Operation algorithms are described in more detail in the user manual.


  • Fast and easy Plug&Play connection without damage to car wiring
  • Front view camera connection to the OEM monitor (front view camera adapter)
  • Supports cars of various markets
  • Supports OEM monitors of different manufacturers
  • Rear view camera connection to the OEM monitor (rear view camera adapter)
  • Automatic and manual camera control modes
  • Use OEM steering wheel buttons to switch between front camera, rear camera and factory screen
  • Remote firmware update function for adding/fixing the functionality
  • Use DIP switch to change the device settings
  • All factory functions continue working in the same way as before to the installation
  • Car warranty is preserved


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