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Front and Back Camera Anytime Controller, Plug and Play 2013 - 2019

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Compatible with 2013-2019 Tacoma

This system is a plug and play solution that allows your Tacoma to instantly connect, and turn on, a rear or front camera using the steering wheel, all standard functions remain operational

The kit comes with plug and play harnesses for both the front and rear cameras, the front camera is included if you select that option.

The camera that we include if you select that option, is IP 69 waterproof and includes a removable wired button to change the following settings:

Guidelines (on-off)
Guideline height (3 positions)
Guideline distance display (on-off)
Vertical orientation (up-down)
Horizontal orientation (mirrored image)
Brightness (5 levels)
Saturation (5 levels)

This is a PLUG AND PLAY kit that you connect to the back of your head unit and it allows you to turn on the rear camera at anytime, the kit also allows you to easily wire a front facing camera and turn it on at any time (does not come included, most NTSC cams will work). This system does not interfere with normal operation of the backup cam.

OPERATING THE SYSTEM: (assuming front cam is also installed)
Normal operation: When the car switches to REVERSE the rear camera will turn on like normal, when not in REVERSE, pressing the "MODE" button twice will activate the camera for 30 seconds or until speed exceeds 30mph and then go back to normal infotainment screen. When switching from REVERSE to a different gear, front cam will come on for 30 seconds.
Switch between cams: Press "next" or "previous" track button on your steering wheel to switch between front and rear cams respectively. (up arrow for front and down arrow for rear)
Camera hold: Press "MODE" button twice, then hold the up arrow or down arrow until you hear a beep and the camera will stay on until you press "MODE" again, once in HOLD mode you can switch between cams and stay in HOLD mode.
Parallel Parking: When parallel parking, the cam will automatically turn on when you switch to REVERSE, then when you switch to DRIVE the front cam will come on and go back to rear cam when you switch to REVERSE again, and so on for 2 hours until you're done parking...

So far we can only confirm compatibitily with 2014/2015 second gen and 2016-2019 third gen models. 2013s should be fine too but we cant confirm.

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