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Magsafe to 1" (25mm) Ball Adapter, Holder and Charger for Magsafe enabled iPhones

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This adapter will allow you to use an existing OEM Magsafe Charger from apple with any 1" ball mount system, including our Dash Mounts (NOT INCLUDED). The adapter is precisely designed and machined with engineering grade Homopolymer Acetal to snugly fit the Apple Magsafe Charger, once mounted the holder will stick to any iPhone that is magsafe enabled and will simultaneously charge it.

NOTE: The MagSafe Magnets will hold even a heavy iPhone up but they are absolutely NOT for Off-Road use, if you want the convenience of a magnetic mount and the ability to use the same mount on and off road, check out our Mighty Magnets HERE.


"Adapter Only" includes:

1 x MagSafe to 1" Ball Adapter

"MagSafe Mounting Kit" Includes:

1 x MagSafe to 1" Ball Adapter

1 x Mach 125 Connecting Arm

1 x 1" Ball Mount with blackout vinyl