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R2-T2 Top Rack for 2005- Toyota Tacoma


The R2-T2 Top Rack turns the top of your Camper / Shell / Topper / Top or whatever you want to call it into a  into solid a platform for mounting any of your off road and overland needs. It matches the design of our Roof rack perfectly and has adjustable mounting feet that compensate for the slope of your shell's roof as well as the height so you can make your rack perfectly level with your roof rack.


- Aircraft Grade 6061 aluminum construction.
- Full 48" width
- Extrusions (cross bars) sit flush with sideframes (top)
- Tie down straps lock into sideframe channels
- Designed for low profile lighting instalation
- Integrated side light mounting locations
- Optional Colored Outer Sideframes
- Height and Slope adjustable mounting feet. 
- Includes 6 cross bars (extrusions)

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