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Toyota Tall Push Switch


These Toyota Tall Push Switches are made to fit in stock locations for additional circuits or to replace existing switches. The switch allows you to operate any 12 volt accessories, with short circuit protection, the quality 12 volt Push Switch will give you a clean and original style look.
All switches come with 2 circuits, one for backlight that CAN be wired to accesory power for constant switch illumination and a second circuit that is used to activate whatever circuit you want. Each circuit uses a separate LED so you can easily tell when a switch is active or idle.
We have chosen white as the standard backlight color, if you would like a different color please reach out to us. Yes, we know blue is what the OEM switches come with but the blue of the aftermarket switches doesn't match the OEM blue and we believe the white looks much better.

NOTE: Tacomas use two main sizes of switches, on 3rd Gen tacos, the center-bottom switch panel uses the stubby size while the left hand-panel uses a combination of tall and stubby switches. This specific page is for the tall switches, if you need a stubby click HERE