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TRD Pro Grill for Third Gen Taco (2016 - 2021)


You've seen it before, you know how much better it looks than that stock tacoma grille.

Give your truck a refreshed, much meaner appearance.
These grilles have actually gone through and passed our Quality Control process, they are not a generic grill from whatever some supplier decides to send us, the grill will always look and feel the same, a quality aftermarket pro version.
Take a look at our YouTube video showing the differences between our grille and others by clicking HERE
The grill is compatible with TSS-P but needs to be fitted with the sensor garnish (only 2018 or newer Tacos).
NOT COMPATIBLE with 2020 and 2021 models with FACTORY front facing camera.
All letters are black or gray and individually screwed into the grill and can be easily removed if so desired.
Please note that this grill is a generic brand part, the quality is there but the OEM price isn’t.
The grill will be shipped out with protection to prevent any clips from breaking, and will be free of all other defects commonly found when ordering from other sites.

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