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Toyota Tundra Dashtop Multi Mount (DMM)



The best accessory mounting solution for 2nd generation Toyota Tundra. A simple solution to bolt anything right into your dash with just one screw.


The Dashtop Multi-Mount (DMM) turns the top of your dashboard into a mounting platform for a variety of applications.
The DMM bolts into your dashboard, behind the radio, above the center screen, it remains nearly invisible when nothing is mounted. When you are ready to mount something to it, all you have to do is grab a screw and thread it into the mount, the only tool needed is the corresponding screwdriver.
Multiple mounting points give tundra owners flexibility in mounting locations and number of accessories.
The DMM is made of two layers of .090″ thick 6061-T6 Aluminum alloy which more is than strong enough for this application.
Two plates specifically designed to fit on top and under the dashboard secure the mount to the vehicle and add stiffness to minimize the vibration of mounted accessories.

This package includes:

    1. Top mounting plate
    2. Bottom plate with integrated nuts.
    3. installation hardware.
    4. 1x 1" Ball Mount (or selected kit)
    5. Installation Video HERE

Click each of the add-ons to learn more:
Slim Grip Holder
Mighty Magnet
Mega Mighty Magnet


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